Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The Lily Pad Shop is in it's first showcase on Etsy! I am so excited! I am trying to sleep...but it's not working.

I am amazed at how "magical" it feels. Funny I know, but I've been dreaming about these moments for so long and here they are! Don't misunderstand, I had to pay to get in to the showcase and it's only for 24 hours, but trying to get a place is difficult.

I am just so excited more people are going to see my work. So yes I feel as though it's magic. Really it's blessings from above. I was blessed with this talent and I am so grateful for it. I don't know why I get to do this, but I do and I am so glad!

Here is the link to the showcase:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moments of Joy

I just finished my nieces Halloween Costume. To see how it would look, I put it on my daughter. Though my daughter is smaller than her niece I got the full affect. It almost brought tears to my silly as this may seem to some I saw how grown up my daughter has become.

I am beginning to understand the significance of different dresses. Her blessing dress (or christening dress to some), her birthday dresses, her Christmas dress. I am starting to realize that these dresses mark special occasions and show her growing before my eyes.

Before I realize it she will be in her baptism dress, then her prom dresses and then her wedding gown. Dresses that mark our moments of joy. Dresses of significance.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Motivations and Philosophies...of Business

I met a man today who was selling jewelry. The man would purchase the jewelry at an obscenely low cost then resale it at a 500% mark up. He had some interesting ideas about business and the way it should be run. His goal was to get the customers to open their wallets.

I found myself comparing his products and mindset with my products and mind set. His philosophy was that you should spend more time selling and less time making. Never get attached to your product and above all, sell everything at a 300% mark up (at least). In his mind I was a failure.

I don't feel like one though. Allow me to share a few experiences I have had over the past few weeks...

I was in the fabric store a few weeks ago and this fabric jumped out at me. It wasn't my typical fabric choice. On the contrary, it was a fabric with fish all over it, "gone fishin' " and other sayings adorned it. It made me think of Uncle Bill and his love of fishing. I knew I should buy that fabric and make an apron...someone was looking for just that.

So I did.

I got home, cut out the apron and went to work. I embroidered it, added pockets, did all the things that I normally did. One side said "Catch of the Day" The other side said "Gone Fishin' ".
A week went by and no sale. I wasn't worried. I knew the owner of the apron would show himself. Yesterday I was at the Farmer's Market when a gentleman walks up right to the apron. He pulls it off the hook, puts it on, takes it back off, puts it back on. The moment he walked up, I knew it was his apron. He also happened to be retired military (I give a military discount). I knew the apron had found its rightful owner. His hobby of fishing is only one aspect of his life, but I was able to be a small part of it, because something I created spoke to him.

He came back today and talked more with me, for just a minute. He was grateful for the apron and I was grateful I could create joy for someone else.

Today at the Harvest Festival a family came to my booth. The young daughter had a cute little pixie cut. Her eyes weren't the normal young eyes of a girl her age. She looked as though she had seen a lifetime. They didn't buy anything, nothing out of the ordinary. But I knew there was more to the story. They came back a little later and we talked some more. The young girl was a survivor of Leukemia. She had just finished her bone marrow transplant in May and her hair was growing back.

People may say that my business philosophy is off, but it's not. I am in business for the people. I am in business to celebrate the triumphs, the joys, the fun of life. Whether it's a young girl recovering from cancer, who wants to feel pretty with flowers in her hair, or a retired Lt. Colonel that enjoys life and his hobbies. I am in business for people.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My life forever changed

I remember where I was 9 years ago. I remember the whole day. But I also remember what happened after that day that changed the way we live. Because of that day I am a military wife. I am grateful for those that are willing to sacrifice so that we can enjoy freedom and protection. That day was not the only tragedy of our nation, but it is one that holds great significance to me...because it happened when I was old enough to understand and old enough to remember. To see a nation tied together in a necessary bond.

I am able to have my own business because of families that have sacrificed for our freedom. I am blessed and I thank you. All of you!

If you don't already know, I give a 10% discount on all orders from military, firemen, and police and their families. I always give this discount. (I only ask for proof).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market is going well. We are meeting many wonderful new people. It's going on every Friday from 3-7pm. We are at the Water Tower Plaza at Thanksgiving Point.

Hope to see you there!

Mention that you read this on my blog and receive a free crochet headband!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Little Fish Swimming in a Big Pond

Tomorrow is the Farmer's Market. I've committed The Lily Pad Shop to be there all 8 weeks. It's every Friday for Two months. The night before finds me trying to get everything done in time. What has surprised me the most isn't how much I wasn't able to get done or what I can yet do but rather what I am feeling. I feel like a little girl still playing dress up in her mom's closet but wanting to be grown up.

This is funny to me! Just a few days ago I watched my little girl playing in my clothes all day, yet here I am feeling small. Nervous and scared I'm jumping in with both feet.

To be truthful I am excited as well. I have never counted my sewing and creativity a talent. I have always assumed everyone else can do it too. Perhaps that's why I feel so small today. Even so, I look forward to tomorrow!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Follow your Dreams

I first had the idea for The Lily Pad Shop in college. I was attending BYU at the time and had little money for gifts for the weddings of my friends. I began making my own cards and gifts to help reduce the expense.

Several years later I was married with a small one at home and struggling to find a creative outlet. My husband wanted to buy me a sewing machine. It had been a while since I sewed. My "Lily Pad Shop" was brought back to life. I began making gifts again. I felt the joy again that comes from creating.

This new adventure of business ownership is exciting and sometimes exhausting. But following your dreams often is. Never give up on those dreams that you hold dear. It may take some time before you see them come to fruition, but if it is worth it to you, it is worth it keep pursuing it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Sewing Machine

I have been sewing since I was eight. My first project was a quilt. My mom helped me pencil in the design and I sat on the living room floor and hand stitched an umbrella with rain drops on a small pink quilt. I was so excited to finish that quilt. Then we moved onto machine sewing. Within a year I was making "Barbie" clothes along with the finger pillows and finger bags I mentioned in a previous post. When I went away to college I wanted a sewing machine. It was difficult to find just the right clothes and making them seemed like the way to go.

I worked extra hours during the summer, saved and bought my sewing machine. It was a cheap sewing machine but for the most part it did what I asked of it...for about a year. I am a firm believer in the philosophy "You get what you pay for". Now I use my sewing machine A LOT! After all I have a business now that revolves around sewing. I was nervous about purchasing the machine I currently have. I have never spent that much money on such an item. After thinking about it for an entire year, I bought it.

I have not regretted it since. I don't have the headaches with this machine that I did with all the other sewing machines that I had in the past. I am here to tell you that whatever you purchase, go for the "good stuff". You are using your hard earned money, purchase things that are going to last. It's better to spend a bit more (if you have it of course) and buy something that is going to give you years of use than something that is only going to last a year or less.

Thinking of other things besides sewing machines? For the first 4 years of our marriage, my husband and I bought a new vacuum almost every year because ours broke down. They were all broken down so much that the repairs would cost more than a new vacuum. We finally got a high end vacuum that many of our friends and family had recommended. We love it! It's been two years and it performs like the day we bought it!

Just my opinion of course!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Child's World

In a child's world you can take Legos and make anything. Every piece will fit and every piece makes the end product even better.

As I've gotten older I find that if I don't have all the right "Lego pieces" I want to give up and wait till I have all the pieces I want. Part of being creative is taking something normal and turning it into something different, better, or just more useful.

When I was first married and had little money, used dryer sheets worked as the perfect dusters. They would attract the dust just fine and didn't leave the lint that regular cloths did. Now I have one of those store bought dusting gadgets. So was it my lack of money that made me more creative or my need?

In a child's world it's neither. Couch cushions are forts waiting to happen, bed sheets are sails of a vast ship, and Legos are the beginning of a new adventure.

So as you're hurrying along in an overworked muddle, try looking at things as a child would. Maybe your daily tasks will be a little less "normal".

Friday, April 30, 2010

The weather.

I love winter! It's my favorite time of the year. Seeing the evening sky get a slight purple hue and the magical snow fall slowly to cover the earth with a soft blanket changes everything in my world. There is a quiet yet exciting element that comes with the change of snow. Here it is almost May and we had snow fall around my home. It didn't stay, but it was beautiful.

You never know what the weather is going to be here. It's like life. You can plan every day for something that's coming, but life will change right in front of your eyes. So you change the way you view things, change the way you react. Plan no matter what and always know that it's going to change.

Life, like the weather changes on its own. It adds variety and excitement. So enjoy it a little more.


Did you know that walking around barefoot can still make your carpet dirty? The oils from your skin attract dirt and then it rubs off into the carpet. By wearing socks or slippers it helps to keep your floors cleaner. So if you have a "no shoes allowed" rule, provide socks or slippers for your guests that are barefoot. Cozy socks in a basket by the door can make it more inviting.

Here is a picture of children's slippers that I am going to be selling.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whether your green or not...

Did you know that used dryer sheets make great dusting rags? (the static properties help the dust cling to the dryer sheet). Just another great way to recycle!

Recycling and conserving energy can be easy and cost effective. It's not about making a big "scene" when doing your part, it's more about making a difference. Small things such as using reusable shopping bags and carpooling can be simple, even if carpooling is done just one day out of the week.

Another great way to recycle is to use old jars and containers to make musical instruments for the children in your life. Simply adding beads or beans and some glue can make an afternoon of fun and excitement.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Quilt -A Legacy of Memories

Here is the Quilt that I made for a couple who have been married for 40 years. I loved doing it. Full of memories and love! Each block has a story! They told me each block is like living the stories and memories each time. This is such a great way to share your memories with your family and friends!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here are some of the things that I do.


I have finished the a fore mentioned quilt and pictures will be following shortly. This past week has been filled with adventures with family. Always remember to take time out for family. The time spent with family adds so much to the projects that you create around you.

Today I give you one tip. Did you know that spraying wrinkled fabrics with water can help to remove wrinkles? Now if this fabric has been rolled up in a ball for a may want to break down and pull out the iron, but if you're in a bind try a spray bottle.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Be the first to guess where these lily pads are located and win a prize! The correct city is required, but if you can guess the location within the city then your prize is even bigger.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The first 100 people to become followers of The Lily Pad Shop blog will be entered into a drawing for $50.00 of merchandise from our shop. The winner will be given 3 prize packages to chose from.

Become a fan of our Facebook page and be entered into that drawing as well!!

Good Luck!!!

Cherished Moments

There are moments in my life that stick out more than others. These moments are always centered around the people and places that I love. The first time I held my husband's hand, the first time I held my new baby, watching my little girl and my husband play with toys in the local bookstore. Simple moments but they are truly cherished moments in my life.

And then there are the big moments. Graduating from college, first steps, many moments, yet these are the moments that create lasting impressions. Sometimes these moments are fleeting while other times they are more pronounced and drawn out. What is most important is that we take the time to notice and cherish.

I am finishing up a gift for a pair of grandparents right now. It is a quilt with memories and pictures of their lives "thus far". I love doing gifts like this because there is much thought and preparation involved. These are the gifts that take cherished moments and bring them back to our everyday awareness. When we remember the good times we work harder to create better futures.

Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

President's day! What a great day to celebrate the many leaders we have had of our great nation. Our nation has grown and changed so much since it's birth. Much like a child, it's dynamics and emotions become deeper and more complex as time goes on. No longer are we a nation seeking for approval to be independent but rather a nation deep in progress. I applaud those of you so willing to help those in need. Especially in Haiti. There are those among us who feel that by helping Haiti we are only crippling them by not letting them help themselves. I am sad for these people. There is a true joy that comes from helping and serving others. Do something more. Dig a little deeper. Our founding fathers gave their lives to create a nation that encompassed freedom and liberty. That freedom has given us the right and responsibility to help others.

Some may only be able to give time, others may be able to give resources, all can pray for those in need. May we be ever mindful of those in need.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Etsy Shop

For those of you wondering what The Lily Pad Shop is, allow me to satisfy your curiosity. The Lily Pad Shop is my business I officially started in November. I have been dreaming and working it up for several years. When I was in college I would make cards and put the Lily Pad logo on the back. I have done scrapbook wedding guest books, veils and many other projects. Now I have the business that gives me new motivation behind my creativity. I do sewing and embroidery along with hair clips, aprons, quilts and children's backpacks. As time goes on I will be expanding to additional items. I am taking custom requests right now while I add items to my Etsy shop. That is the basic information. Really The Lily Pad Shop is a way for me to be creative and do something with my hobbies, learn new techniques and work with great people.


When I was a little girl my mom taught me how to sew. I remember being just eight years old and she would let me use her sewing machine. I was so excited about using it that I would sew anything I could think of. Christmas was coming and I wanted to sew-sew-sew! I found some pink fabric scraps and stuffing and made finger pillows and finger bags for everyone. If you are wondering what these are, picture a pillow big enough for one finger to rest on, and a bag so small the handle went nicely around one finger and held a few coins or a small piece of candy.

Though I don't make finger pillows and bags anymore I still have that love of creating.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I remember being a little girl in my mother's kitchen. I wanted to help make cake and pizza. I even wanted to help make bread (on occasion). In my own little world I wasn't official until I was wearing an apron. I always thought they were part of a real world dress-up game. Like going to church in your Sunday best, wearing aprons in the kitchen was another way for me to be part of the adult world.

Now that I am older I realize that aprons are actually a tool of the trade. Not just in kitchens but in hair salons and crafting studios. Even the best BBQ-er is seen wearing an apron.