Saturday, September 25, 2010

Motivations and Philosophies...of Business

I met a man today who was selling jewelry. The man would purchase the jewelry at an obscenely low cost then resale it at a 500% mark up. He had some interesting ideas about business and the way it should be run. His goal was to get the customers to open their wallets.

I found myself comparing his products and mindset with my products and mind set. His philosophy was that you should spend more time selling and less time making. Never get attached to your product and above all, sell everything at a 300% mark up (at least). In his mind I was a failure.

I don't feel like one though. Allow me to share a few experiences I have had over the past few weeks...

I was in the fabric store a few weeks ago and this fabric jumped out at me. It wasn't my typical fabric choice. On the contrary, it was a fabric with fish all over it, "gone fishin' " and other sayings adorned it. It made me think of Uncle Bill and his love of fishing. I knew I should buy that fabric and make an apron...someone was looking for just that.

So I did.

I got home, cut out the apron and went to work. I embroidered it, added pockets, did all the things that I normally did. One side said "Catch of the Day" The other side said "Gone Fishin' ".
A week went by and no sale. I wasn't worried. I knew the owner of the apron would show himself. Yesterday I was at the Farmer's Market when a gentleman walks up right to the apron. He pulls it off the hook, puts it on, takes it back off, puts it back on. The moment he walked up, I knew it was his apron. He also happened to be retired military (I give a military discount). I knew the apron had found its rightful owner. His hobby of fishing is only one aspect of his life, but I was able to be a small part of it, because something I created spoke to him.

He came back today and talked more with me, for just a minute. He was grateful for the apron and I was grateful I could create joy for someone else.

Today at the Harvest Festival a family came to my booth. The young daughter had a cute little pixie cut. Her eyes weren't the normal young eyes of a girl her age. She looked as though she had seen a lifetime. They didn't buy anything, nothing out of the ordinary. But I knew there was more to the story. They came back a little later and we talked some more. The young girl was a survivor of Leukemia. She had just finished her bone marrow transplant in May and her hair was growing back.

People may say that my business philosophy is off, but it's not. I am in business for the people. I am in business to celebrate the triumphs, the joys, the fun of life. Whether it's a young girl recovering from cancer, who wants to feel pretty with flowers in her hair, or a retired Lt. Colonel that enjoys life and his hobbies. I am in business for people.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My life forever changed

I remember where I was 9 years ago. I remember the whole day. But I also remember what happened after that day that changed the way we live. Because of that day I am a military wife. I am grateful for those that are willing to sacrifice so that we can enjoy freedom and protection. That day was not the only tragedy of our nation, but it is one that holds great significance to me...because it happened when I was old enough to understand and old enough to remember. To see a nation tied together in a necessary bond.

I am able to have my own business because of families that have sacrificed for our freedom. I am blessed and I thank you. All of you!

If you don't already know, I give a 10% discount on all orders from military, firemen, and police and their families. I always give this discount. (I only ask for proof).