Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

President's day! What a great day to celebrate the many leaders we have had of our great nation. Our nation has grown and changed so much since it's birth. Much like a child, it's dynamics and emotions become deeper and more complex as time goes on. No longer are we a nation seeking for approval to be independent but rather a nation deep in progress. I applaud those of you so willing to help those in need. Especially in Haiti. There are those among us who feel that by helping Haiti we are only crippling them by not letting them help themselves. I am sad for these people. There is a true joy that comes from helping and serving others. Do something more. Dig a little deeper. Our founding fathers gave their lives to create a nation that encompassed freedom and liberty. That freedom has given us the right and responsibility to help others.

Some may only be able to give time, others may be able to give resources, all can pray for those in need. May we be ever mindful of those in need.