Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun Fun Fun!!!

I love to create and love the look on people's faces when they receive what I have created for them...but let me tell you something funny about this!

While my husband was on a deployment I made a "quillow" for him (a quilt that folds up into an attached pocket to create a pillow). I used photo transfers and made it look like I scattered pictures all over the quilt. The photos were of family and friends and of course him and I. He was so excited to receive the quillow! He showed everyone and bragged about how lucky he was.

Recently I asked him if he didn't know me if he would still like the items that I made...his response took me by surprise. He told me that watching the process from start to finish has taken some of the "magic" out of it for him. He reminded me about his quillow I made him and then related it to seeing me make other items. He of course loves to see the items and what I've created but admitted that it was fun to see the end product and the surprise that comes without seeing the in-between. I laughed but could see where he was coming from.

It's like when you are a kid and have no idea how they make Twinkies. How that creme gets in they make each one shaped like that. Then when you are old enough to turn over the Twinkie and see the little tell-tale holes the magic is gone and you know they squeeze the creme into the center after the cakes are made.

I must admit though that the magic for me comes from the creation. I love the process! Figuring out unique patterns and changes to a basic pattern.

By the way...if any of you out there in blog-land would like to make a quillow, let me know and I will email you a copy of the instructions. It's fun and easy...even putting pictures on it!!!