Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Child's World

In a child's world you can take Legos and make anything. Every piece will fit and every piece makes the end product even better.

As I've gotten older I find that if I don't have all the right "Lego pieces" I want to give up and wait till I have all the pieces I want. Part of being creative is taking something normal and turning it into something different, better, or just more useful.

When I was first married and had little money, used dryer sheets worked as the perfect dusters. They would attract the dust just fine and didn't leave the lint that regular cloths did. Now I have one of those store bought dusting gadgets. So was it my lack of money that made me more creative or my need?

In a child's world it's neither. Couch cushions are forts waiting to happen, bed sheets are sails of a vast ship, and Legos are the beginning of a new adventure.

So as you're hurrying along in an overworked muddle, try looking at things as a child would. Maybe your daily tasks will be a little less "normal".