Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things I have learned from my most recent project

I have learned quite a bit from this project. I loved doing it! Sometimes I had to put it away for a while because I was so frustrated with it. Looking at it you can see that it's not such a difficult pattern...and yet there were so many issues with it. So...I learned a lot.

#1 If the tension is off on your embroidery machine it affects everything!
#2 No matter how many times you try, if your tension is still off it's going to mess up the design.
#3 Fabric glue fixes A LOT more than you think. (I guess it's kind of like duct tape!)
#4 Making your own Biased tape is quite fun!
#5 Ironing quilts while making them does reduce time overall.
#6 You really DO need to stuff decorative pillows with more filling than you think.
#7 No matter how long it takes you to make something, when it is done you still feel pretty good!

I loved doing this quilt and pillows. I think this quilt took longer than any quilt I have made! That includes the ones that I have hand stitched. I think it turned out great! I am excited to see the reaction it gets.


  1. It's adorable!! I'm guessing you did it for someone specific...

  2. This quilt is so beautiful! I love lady bugs! When we have a girl... someday, I want to do a lady bug nursery.

  3. It's beautiful Amy!! Good work!! I can't believe how much time this could have taken- you are so freakin awesome!! Miss you! Mwah!

  4. Britt-I did make it for someone specific. It was an order. I love making things...especially when they turn out great! Thank you all so much! I am so glad you like it!